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What is Synthwave?

Synthwave is an aesthetic music genre that has a lot in common with the 80s aesthetic. It is often compared to Vaporwave, but there are a few differences between the two genres.

Synthwave art

What is Retrowave?

Retrowave is a subgenre of Synthwave and mainly mimics the style that became popular in the 80s.

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What is Vaporwave?

Vaporwave is a music genre with unique and iconic visual aesthetics. Vaporwave is easy recognizable by these aesthetics. Vaporwave has a chopped and screwed sound and uses samples of smooth jazz, lounge music and elevator music from mainly the 80s.

Vaporwave art

What is Darksynth?

Darksynth is a mixture of '10s-era EDM styles with industrial effects, harsh noise, synthwave melodies and occasionally metal guitar. Prominently delivered with themes of horror and science fiction.

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Why did we create this Synthwave Radio?

We created this online synthwave radio station to inspire people how good synthwave music is. We also like to code and we wanted to share this amazing music genre called synthwave this way to you. We love how this music gives you oldschool 80s vibes and futuristic vibes at the same time. Our radio is streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 192kb/s. Our goal is to give underrated artists a stage on our radio. Thanks for your visit and enjoy the music!